We provide all aspects of Design from sketch plans, DA plans, CC plans, interior and external design. Our portfolio of projects includes apartments, villas, townhouses, dual occupancy, luxury homes, budget homes, renovations, additions, granny flats, garages, carports and even outdoor bbq areas. We include all plans, documents and liason with council and other consultants to provide a total design package for all clients. We aim to make your experience with council and other departments as fluent and pain free as possible. Our clients do not have the time or patience to deal with council, so we undertake the entire process until it is ready for construction. We use quality surveyors, engineers, landscape architects, basix consultants and private certifiers.


At Absolute Design & Construction, we have undertaken a small & select amount of our client design projects to construct. We provide all aspects of Construction and give the same guarantee of our services and finishes as we provide in our Design process. We select which projects we will undertake in construction based on time, scale and client requirements.

Project Management

Building your dream home can be a nightmare, and a money trap. We provide our services to Project Manage your dream house to minimise the stress, hiccups and money loss due to subcontract pitfalls or poor managment of the building process. Most owner builders do not have the time to spend on site day in and day out to Manage the construction, thats where we step in and take on that role.